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Anesthesia Research & Development — Fairfield Division

IAA is affiliated with multiple research and development programs, allowing team members to work on cutting edge anesthesia research.

Fairfield Division — Meta-Analysis Studies

Research Opportunity Overview

In our meta-analysis studies, we use a systematic literature review of multiple randomized clinical trials to assess the efficacy of a standard anesthetic protocol.


A great example of this is our recent meta-analysis of I-PACK blocks for total knee arthroplasty [ASRA 2021, D. Maduram & T. Bowling].


Research trainees interested in authoring Meta-analysis studies should have a solid foundation in advanced statistics.


After developing a hypothesis and collaborating with our surgical colleagues, research trainees will work closely with senior anesthesia faculty in the process of aggregating data, reviewing literature, and performing a meta-analysis.

Research Experience Benefits

IAA’s anesthesia research trainees will learn:

  • STATA and RevManager
  • The creation of forest plots
  • Funnel plots
  • Pooled tests of effect size and data heterogeneity

Contact us for more information
Interested medical students and trainees are encouraged to email Dr. Maduram to discuss anesthesiology research opportunities with IAA.  We hope you’ll consider joining our team. 

David Maduram, MD, PhD
Director of Research, Fairfield Division
IAA Research & Development Department, Fairfield Division

Medical students and trainees are encouraged should contact:

Swaroopa Vaidya, M.S
Clinical Research Director
Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute

Jeff Stofko
Business Systems Analyst
Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute

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