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Anesthesia Research & Development — Fairfield Division

Research Opportunities — IAA offers multiple research and development opportunities for team members to work on cutting edge anesthesia research. Come work with our outstanding leadership team within best-in-class clinical locations.

Fairfield Division — Research Opportunities

IAA offers several opportunities to engage in critical research while learning critical skills that will enrich your career for years to come. 

The goal of our research program is to support research projects that have potential to create impactful data, to provide a meaningful research experience, and to help launch and promote careers in academic anesthesia. Our research staff are always available to assist in funding, study design, analysis, and authorship.

Contact us for more information
Interested medical students and trainees are encouraged to email Dr. Maduram to discuss anesthesiology research opportunities with IAA.  We hope you’ll consider joining our team. 

David Maduram, MD, PhD
Director of Research, Fairfield Division
IAA Research & Development Department, Fairfield Division

Medical students and trainees are encouraged should contact:

Swaroopa Vaidya, M.S
Clinical Research Director
Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute

Jeff Stofko
Business Systems Analyst
Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute

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