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Anesthesia Research & Development — Fairfield Division

IAA is affiliated with multiple research and development programs, allowing team members to work on cutting edge anesthesia research.

Fairfield Division — Case Studies

Research Opportunity Overview

In our case studies publications, we implement anesthetic strategies from cutting-edge published literature on a multiple-patient basis to help improve patient care.


A great example of this is our recent case series on combined PECS/quadratus lumborum blocks for analgesia for Breast DIEP Flap Reconstruction [Anesthesiology 2021 Annual Meeting, E. Harmon et. al].


Research trainees interested in authoring case series studies should have a strong foundation in clinical anesthesia.


After developing a hypothesis, collaborating with our surgical colleagues, and acquiring clearance from our institutional review board, research trainees will work closely with senior anesthesia faculty in the process of reviewing electronic medical records and writing a publication-quality manuscript with accompanying photography and diagrams.

Research Experience Benefits

IAA’s anesthesia research trainees will learn:

  • Endnote X
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator and
  • BioDraw

Contact us for more information
Interested medical students and trainees are encouraged to email Dr. Maduram to discuss anesthesiology research opportunities with IAA.  We hope you’ll consider joining our team. 

David Maduram, MD, PhD
Director of Research, Fairfield Division
IAA Research & Development Department, Fairfield Division

Medical students and trainees are encouraged to contact:

David Maduram, MD, PhD
Director of Clinical Research,
Fairfield Division

Tel: (203) 929-7353
Fax: (203) 929-0756
Email Dr. Maduram

Bill Lahiff
Clinical Research Assistant

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